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In-depth preparation for the international, standardized SAT which helps you in the admission process of many local and international universities.

Our comprehensive SAT preparation programs are designed to equip students with the skills and strategies necessary to excel in this globally recognized college admission test. Let’s explore how our center can help you navigate the journey towards higher education.

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About SAT

The SAT, or Scholastic Assessment Test, is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States and other countries. It assesses students’ proficiency in reading, writing, and math — skills vital for success in higher education. At Anees Hussain’s Tuition Center, we offer specialized SAT preparation courses tailored to meet the diverse needs of our students.

Why SAT?

The SAT provides a fair and objective measure of students’ readiness for college-level coursework. Achieving a competitive score on the SAT opens doors to a wide range of educational opportunities, including admission to top-tier universities and eligibility for scholarships. Our experienced instructors are committed to helping students unlock their full potential and maximize their SAT scores.

Our SAT record

  • We’ve guided thousands of students to SAT success, with a remarkable 400-point average score increase.
  • Our methods ensure unparalleled improvement in math scores.
  • Our approach leads to strong verbal skills development.
  • Tailored plans based on diagnostic tests optimize learning.
  • We conduct frequent group tests for progress evaluation.
  • Our curated resources guarantee comprehensive preparation.

Our SAT Preparation Program

At Anees Hussain’s Tuition Center, we offer two SAT preparation formats:

Classroom Based Format: A two-and-a-half-month course with 80 hours of classroom lectures. Our expert instructors focus on improving students’ reading abilities, grammar, and essay writing skills. Classes start every month from July onwards, providing ample time for thorough preparation.

Individual Test Preparation Format: This program provides customized study schedules designed to suit each student’s needs, utilizing diagnostic test results. Offering adaptable class schedules and personalized support, students can maximize their preparation and reach their desired scores.

Our Teaching Methods

Our tutors employ modern and student-friendly teaching techniques to ensure effective learning. With a conducive class environment and regular assessments, students have the opportunity to interact with peers and track their progress throughout the course. We provide extensive study materials sourced from the best educational resources worldwide, ensuring comprehensive preparation for the SAT.


Ready to be on board  on your SAT preparation journey? Schedule a FREE SAT Diagnostic Test at Anees Hussain’s Tuition Center today!

The new SAT consists of four sections: Reading Test, Writing and Language Test, Math Test (No Calculator), and Math Test (With Calculator). Additionally, students have the option to complete an optional SAT Essay. For detailed information on the SAT format, refer to our resources or visit the official College Board website.

The SAT is scored on a scale of 400-1600, with separate scores for the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section (200-800) and the Math section (200-800). The essay is scored separately on a scale of 6-24.

The new SAT format includes fewer questions, an emphasis on reading in context, no negative marking, and an optional essay. Additionally, the math section is divided into sections with and without a calculator.

SATs are offered internationally several times a year. Refer to our provided schedule for upcoming test dates and registration deadlines.

For further information or registration inquiries, please Contact Us at the provided telephone numbers or email address.

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